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Interceramics is a ceramic tile company founded by my father alongside La Cava Building Co. It was established in 1973 with the motto, “Beautiful materials for a practical world”. I worked extensively on the Crown Casino project for Interceramics.


For over thirty years, the principal’s of ARCA developed their experience in the importation, fabrication and installation of marble, granite and limestone to make a lasting contribution to a wide range of prestigious buildings locally, nationally and internationally.

ARCA is committed to the highest standard in the cutting and polishing of stone at their new production facility where each project is meticulously crafted from a combination of sophisticated technology and the traditional skills of the stonemason.

El Caballo Project

The first major contract for La Cava Building Company was for the El Cabello Blanco Tourist Resort and Entertainment complex, one hour east of Perth. La Cava Building Company was responsible for the entire project.

Visit El Caballo Resort website.

Upside Nepal

Upside is a not-for-profit organisation working in partnership with villages to develop community agriculture businesses across Nepal.

Upside is founded on the belief that disadvantaged communities are naturally motivated to address the problems facing their villages. The Upside model was therefore created to provide the much needed seed capital and initial training to allow this powerful process to unfold.